Book: Sarah's Key

As a child I loved reading, so much so that my parents had to constantly tell me to turn off the light and go to bed. While I like zoning out in front of the TV after a long day, the idea of getting lost in a book for hours is so much more appealing. As I went through high school and university I stopped reading books for pleasure. I was knee deep in reports, papers, assignments that the idea of reading more material was just not very appealing. Now that have more down time I decided that one of my goals this year was to read a book a week! While it sounds like a crazy goal I think it will be a fun challenge, and so far I have been really enjoying it. That being said, I will be sharing some of the books I read on this blog, and at the end of the year lets see where I end up. 

Sarah's Key is an exciting and emotionally charged book that goes between two time periods. In the older time period you read about the life Sarah a 10 year old, who's family was arrested. She locks her younger brother in a secret closet in their apartment, thinking that they will come back home in a few hours. In the future time period, you are introduced to Julia a journalist. She is covering a story on the Vel D'hiv and soon uncovers family secrets that tie her to Sarah.

I learned a lot about the Vel D'hiv Roundup that took place in Paris in 1942, from this book. During this time French police arrested Jewish families living in France, and kept them in Velodrome d'Hiver camps for weeks in unsanitary conditions, with no food or water. They were then sent to Auschwitz where the Jewish families were killed by gas chambers. This book was a great read and I will always "Zakhor. Al Tichkah. Remember. Never Forget."

My Favourite Quotes:

"You get attached to places, you know. Like people, I suppose."

"Zakhor. Al Tichkah. Remember. Never Forget."

"You are safe here. You are safe with us."

I would love to hear some of your favourite books.
Thanks for reading (about me reading books haha)!
xo Andrea


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  4. This looks like a good book! Thanks for sharing:)



  5. Have to read it now!! Thanks for the review!! :)


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  9. I am a total bookworm and I love getting new book recommendations, so I just might have to check this one out! xo


  10. Thank you Andrea, for stopping by my blog! You have a very interesting blog.
    Thank you also for sharing your thoughts on the book "Sarah's Key". It seems a very intriguing book based on the theme of nostalgia and childhood memories and how they shape our lives.
    If you feel like, you can see the names of my favourite books listed in my blogger profile page.
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  14. Sarah's key is a beautiful book. I absolutely loved it. The movie is great as well.

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  15. I did the book a week thing a few years ago... It was amazing!!! :) Now im too busy... Hope I can do it again soon :) Will def check this book out...heard about the movie, but did not watch it. Cant wait for ur next book :)



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