Waldorf Hotel: Fashion and Food

A couple of Sunday's ago I spent an afternoon snacking on different food's at the Food Truck Fest hosted by the Waldorf Hotel. The Waldorf has been hosting these Food Truck Fest's every Sunday since the end of July. On this particular Sunday, the event was complimented with a Vintage Clothing Sale. So after I had eaten to my heart's content, I browsed through vintage clothing, while listening to a great live DJ. It was a great event with the perfect combination of fashion and food. If you haven't had a chance to get down to the Food Truck Fest, September 2nd will be you last chance to try some of the tastiest food in Vancouver. Just make sure you get there early because popular items on various food truck menu's start to run out around 4pm!
Taco's, taco's, taco's
Simple cheese pizza that tasted delicious 

Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. Nice article has been shared here. It was fun reading your this article and also helped me to get lots of good points from here. I would like to visit here again in future too. It would be great if you can share more information in future too. Keep posted.

    Ray Grimm

  2. oh gosh, i loved visiting the Waldorf parking lot for those awesome food trucks + sweet shopping tidbits! what a great idea that was, whoever is responsible should take a long victory lap :) you all look fab!!! i see the Juice Truck there behind you, mmmmmm - mouth watering yum-delum right there.

    thanks for visiting me Andrea, hope you had a fantastic long weekend lades! ♥


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