Chilean Food

Chilean food is oh so good. Done end of post. :)

Just kidding I will tell you more. While I can't say there is a distinct flavour or a certain type food that categorically makes it Chilean food. I will tell you that people in Chile love mayo and avocado. They put that on everything, including hotdogs. Now I am a huge fan of avocado as you can see here so I was loving everything put in front of me. Chileans will have a normal breakfast, bigger lunch and a very light dinner called "Once". Once is a light meal usually consisting of bread, tomatoes, cheese, tea and of course avocados. Desserts in Chile all consist of Manjar, which is a milk caramel that is put on cookies, cakes and any other baked goods. I personally found Manjar way to sweet and stuck to eating some of my favourite chilean foods included chorizo hotdogs and empanadas. Hope you are not hungry right now because you will be after checking out the pictures below.

Spagetti and a meat sauce 
Chorizo hotdogs with a spicy sauce
Ribs, rice and avocado salad
Chilean's love to BBQ! 
Empanada's fried (stuffed with diced beef, onions and chorizo) 
Empanada's baked (these ones had cheese in them)
Vegetarian spinach lasagna
Manjar cake
{pics by moi}
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea


  1. OMG!!!! LOOKS SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's my doggie bag?

  2. Once is not light dinner.
    Once: Tea time.
    Just saying!


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