Chilean Pisco

So I may have promised a Chilean road trip post earlier this week, but things change and instead I wanted to talk about alcohol today. Chile is known for their wine, and let me tell you the wine there is pretty fantastic. The cheapest thing you can get in Chile is wine, so wine tours are probably one of the things to check off on the "tourist things to do list". A 1.5 L bottle wine costs around $4 and if that doesn't entice you then should probably not even bother to head to Chile. But instead of doing the regular wine tour we decided to go on a Pisco tour. Pisco is also made from grapes but is distilled into a liquor. It is a very strong liquor, so strong that as soon as the sample liquor touched my toungue I knew I wasn't going to be able to drink the rest of it. So let's just say Pisco is an acquired taste. Pisco sour is a cocktail that is made with Pisco and is much more palatable, and if you want to try something that is absolutely wonderful, get a hold of some Pisco sour ice-cream.

{pics by moi}
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  1. I love seeing photos from other countries, it's like already travelling. :) And I've seen it here on your post. It's very lovely, someday I wanna experience going to wine pub. Great blog btw! :)




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