Vancity Cool

Toque: Forever 21; Shirt: Thrifted; Necklace: Forever 21; Sweater: Target; Jacket: Forever 21; Leggings: Garage; Shoes: Spring
Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all had a great week. I am finally getting over my sickness, that I have had for the past two weeks, so yay! While doing some window shopping, I came across these shoes and instantly liked them. As I turned one of the shoes over to look at the price, my jaw hit the floor, and my eyes bulged out, because the price staring back at me was $8. Yes you heard me correctly $8! The shoe gods must have been smiling down on me that day, because these shoes have become my go to shoes for casual outfits. And even after wearing them on the regular, they haven't broken, ripped or gotten ruined. Definitely the best $8 bucks I have spent.

Pictures by my lovely friend Kaoverii
Thanks for reading!
xo Andrea

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